Monday, August 6, 2012

Thoughts about...


Laughter is the best medicine. I totally agree. It has always had a healing quality, whether I'm sick or tired, scared or hurt, disappointed or confused, laughing instantly makes me feel better. My sense of humor is slightly complicated; I laugh at the less obvious joke or the inappropriate statement. Not always the best response but its how I am...go figure. Nothing makes laugh more than the nineties comedy television show known as "Martin." Although this show has been airing continuously (in syndication) since 1992, it STILL makes me laugh out loud! Every time I watch it I see something new, something different. I enjoy this show so much my kids brought me the series collection on DVD for a birthday present. One of the best presents I ever received!

In the spirit of sharing, enjoy some of my favorites snippets of Martin. Laugh and take your medicine daily.



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thoughts on...Cheap Art

I wanted to try it to create some interesting artwork. I've seen different types of art using words, especially neighborhood and city names, like this one.
This poster is available from Ork Posters! for $22. Pretty reasonable but I'm frugal and crafty. I wanted something similar for free (relatively free), repping my home town of Chicago. Therefore, I challenged myself using wordle.  Wordle is website for generating "word clouds" from text that you provide. Using the computer, printer and photo paper, I created this:

This is simply an 8" by 11"sheet of photo paper backed with zebra printed scrapbook paper.  It's just a list of  Chicago neighborhood names, cut and pasted in the wordle website. I plan on framing this and displaying it in my classroom, maybe even have it enlarged at a photo shop. Pretty cool knockoff art, don't you agree?



This is not my first blog. I tried blogging several years ago, around 2007. I was a blog fanatic--reading many different types of blogs during my free time, mostly about sewing and fashion. After years of reading, I decided to start my own. It was fun at first. I featured a few of my sewing projects and felt like I was doing something special. Then, I realized I had no time to actually write any posts or add pictures. In addition, I didn't have the support I needed.

Well that was then, this is now. I want to revive my blog in a new format.

My mind has many ideas and thoughts. It seems there are too many to categorize, so I'll just write about what comes to my mind..only good thoughts.

Welcome to my mind,